You need to be confident that your brand is in steady, prepared hands.

You have the resources internally, but you feel they may be publishing willy-nilly on your social channels. Every single day - pictures of cats! We assumed that's what you wanted, right? Just grumpy cat after grumpy cat? No, that would be horrible. You need to be confident that your brand is in steady, prepared hands, that your ship is on course, routed on the correct heading.

This is how we make sure your team is on the same page: Based on the findings and discussions from an initial kickoff meeting, we'll develop a content strategy that defines the objectives, target audience, brand voice, messaging strategy and supporting assets that will achieve the results you seek while maintaining the values and vision of your brand.

It sounds simple, but it's oh-so-important. This Content Strategy acts as a preliminary road map, a road map that's continuously analyzed, reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

But once the ongoing strategy is settled upon, we don't abandon it. We work monthly with you to make sure the initial strategy is being implemented correctly, necessary adjustments are incorporated seamlessly and that emerging trends are added to your ongoing efforts. This real-time analysis will empower your team to move fast but also give them a trusted resource to turn to when in need.