Futuristic peas! These peas are truly incredible!

Events and social media were made for one another. Peas in a pod, we say. Delicious, exciting, technologically advanced peas. Futuristic peas! These peas are truly incredible!

Not only is social media event management an avenue for the continuous stream of live content, it also allows those who can't attend the event to enjoy it vicariously. When people know/see/read what they're missing, they're far more likely to attend the event in the future.

Project Bionic has managed the social media for a variety of events, including Emerald City Comicon (a nationally trending event), Issaquah Salmon Days (which has won several global awards for their use of social media) and the Boeing Classic (a PGA Masters golf tournament). We're well-versed in how to prepare and implement onsite event management. We are veterans in this arena, and it's because we have the reps.

Our pre-event planning includes influencer and attendee identification and outreach, Facebook tab development for event information, hashtag analysis, queued monitoring/reporting and content creation for scheduled publishing. This process emphasizes close monitoring and development of all social channels prior to and following the event, with specific creative initiatives in mind.

For onsite management, we'll deploy, at the very least, a three-member team to your event. We will use your existing social platforms to capture and publish unique event content, provide customer service and response management, draw attention to event items that might have been lost in the program and assist your event team in understanding any critical issues in real time. At the end of each event we'll provide a thorough analysis of quantitative and qualitative results.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having a calming and alert social influence at your event. We've been there before, and we have a team that acts quickly, confidently, intelligently and with unparalleled precision.