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The Key To Social Media Is There Is No Key.

Fad or silver bullet. Amplifier or after-thought. The power of social lies in how you design, deliver & continuously optimize it. How is this done? Through experience, skill & a great sense of humor.

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Consulting or complete A-Z management, we can craft a customized
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Founded in 2009, Project Bionic is a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Agency located in the eclectic, vibrant Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

Having grown and evolved alongside our medium for more than a decade, we know the truth: excellent social media requires diverse skill sets, extreme discipline, deep marketing experience, and a team of experts in every field needed to perfect your performance on social.

And it just so happens, we know where to find one.
(Us. It’s us.)

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In our modern world, social media is not merely an option for brands. It’s a necessity. And it’s not all fun and games.

Unlike other marketing channels, social is not about one-off campaigns. The most important aspect of a successful social presence is the “boring” stuff: a sustainable, consistent long-term plan and the ability to follow up — and follow through. Otherwise, social media just doesn’t work.

Creatively executed, day-to-day precision is what excites us.

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Wanna know more? We have the answers, even if you're not sure of the question. Reach out with your information, and a member of our team will be in contact for a casual conversation about the many, many possibilities.

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