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Event Management

Is your organization headed to an event as a speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor where you need
social advertising support, on-site photo/video, ready-to-publish posts, and more? Just give us a call.

Can’t be at an event, but want to make it seem like you were? Wink, wink, roger that. We’ll send a team familiar
with your brand to take photos, engage with other brands and attendees, and post live on your feeds to
keep your voice at the forefront of the conversation.

Putting on the event yourself? We have a wealth of experience creating both short- and long-term strategies
for year-over-year growth that include pre- and post-event paid awareness and ticket sales, remote and
on-site giveaways, daily on-site posting, round-the-clock community management support,
professional photo/video services, and comprehensive reporting.