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Strategy & Consulting

Maybe your brand has the resources to manage social media internally, but are you creating strategic content
according to a long-term plan? Are you publishing consistently? Are you serving posts and paid advertising
to the right audiences so your budget is optimized?

Hold our beer.

We’ll learn your brand and your business objectives in order to tailor a top-to-bottom marketing strategy
that gets your entire organization on the same page, making your feeds read more like Twain
and less like a promotional flier jammed under the windshield wiper of someone’s car.

Based on the findings and discussions from an initial meeting with your team, we’ll develop a content strategy
that defines the objectives, target audience, brand voice, messaging strategy and supporting assets that will
achieve the results you seek while maintaining the values and vision of your brand.

Once this strategy is delivered, we don’t just abandon you. We’ll work with you every month to make sure
the initial strategy is being implemented correctly, necessary adjustments are incorporated seamlessly,
and that emerging trends are added to your ongoing efforts. This real-time analysis will empower
your team to move fast but also give them a trusted resource to turn to when needed.