We're not some reckless teenager on a Mountain Dew-fueled joyride.

The whole shebang. The whole kit and kaboodle. The whole enchilada. The whole...uh...the whole pumpkin? Is that a thing?

When we say Full Service Management, we mean it. There's no aspect of Social Media that is off the table when you hand us your social keys. We are the trustworthy team member. We're not some reckless teenager on a Mountain Dew-fueled joyride.

That's the point, right? You leave Social Media to us so you can focus on your business. That's the dream, right?

The total package includes a comprehensive creative strategy, content development and creation, daily implementation with publishing and monitoring, community management and a full reporting package.

And that's just the basics. Often, this overarching social strategy is coupled with Facebook application development, promotion and contest implementation, influencer identification and outreach strategy, fan growth and a cornucopia of other things that may or may not make sense for your brand.

That's the thing - we have all these tools at our disposal, skills we've honed and mastered over the years, like legendary samurai under the tutelage of Pai Mei, but we only implement the ones that make sense for you.

Everything is built and managed to the needs of the individual client. Each business has different objectives, a unique brand voice and a specific target market. Your social strategy should reflect these characteristics. The foundation of this entire creative process is rooted in listening first, speaking second and always measuring.